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- If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis with us, please e-mail us at info@healthyschoolfoodmd.org with a resume or description of the types of tasks that you could do. We are always looking for people with the following skill sets: web site design, PR and communications, social media, research, fundraising and development, grant writing and event planning.

- If you would like to get more involved and enjoy fundraising and development, we always welcome additional Advisory Board Members. Our Advisory Board meets 3 times a year and focuses on raising funds to support our mission. Please contact us at info@healthyschoolfoodmd.org for more information.


"This is super possible and overdue. If the superintendent is worried about cost, he should talk to DCPS and Arlington County Public Schools to get understand how they made dramatic improvements to school lunches without significant added costs."
- an HSFM Supporter

"I urge you to offer healthy foods to the kids of Montgomery County. It is appalling what they are currently being served. What are we teaching them when we serve them food that is not healthy for them? Let's offer healthy food and teach them now how to eat properly for the rest of their lives."
- an HSFM Supporter

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