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  Top Resources for Parents (and school reps)

Healthier Party Plan | Español: Viva la Fiesta

Non-Food Classroom Party Ideas | Español: Ideas distintas de comida para las fiestas de la clase

Alternatives to Rewarding Children with Food (to share with teachers)

MCPS a la Carte Snacks List (with brand names and ingredients)

Healthy Fundraising Ideas

The Benefits of School Gardens

Brain Breaks

Chart of Added Sugar in MCPS Foods (some items are out of date)

Chart of Harmful Chemical Additives in MCPS Foods (some items are out of date)

Other Resources for Parents

Healthier Snack Tips | Español: Consejos para la Merienda

MCPS Cafeteria Manager Contact List

Waterworks: A Guide to Improving Water Access and Consumption in Schools to Improve Health and Support Learning

Summary of MCPS Nutrition Education Curriculum

Evaluation of MCPS Wellness Policy by UMD (2014)

Resources for School Representatives

a la Carte Summary Chart

Healthy Kids PTA Pledge | Español: Compromiso de la PTA

School Representative Checklist

Summary of USDA School Breakfast Requirements 2017-2018

Summary of USDA School Lunch Requirements 2019

MCPS Competitive Food Regulations

Comments on USDA Rules

RFKM Comment on USDA Child and Adult Care Feeding Program

RFKM Comment on Local Wellness Policies

RFKM Comment on Dietary Guidelines


"It costs so much to treat people later for diseases that stem from school years. The time is overdue to take a long-term vision and ensure healthiness from childhood."
- an RFKM Supporter

"Huge amounts of food from the school "cafeterias" are pitched every day by students. The food initially is appealing but after tasting it, few students eat much of it. From Kindergarten on I urged my three grandchildren (and their parents) to pack lunches. My grandkids agree - their packed lunch is better."
- an MCPS grandparent

In line with national guidelines and available evidence, it makes good education and health sense to reduce the amount of sugar content available in MCPS. My expectation is MCPS leadership will take an evidence based decision for the best interest of the health and educational well being of all MCPS students.
- an MCPS parent, Woodlin ES

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